Friday, 8 February 2013

Spring Webflow: Transition not triggered


Transition not triggered as expected.


Date validation gunakan JSR. Walaupun flow setup utk mute validation, namun JSR version still checking.
No validation found on the model.
@DateTimeFormat(iso=ISO.DATE, pattern=SystemPattern.INPUT_DATE_PATTERN) has been added and transition flow correctly.


Still working on this issue.
Done with the flow. Required checking on data binding.


Remove the JSR validation?

Not an option since data binding will depends heavily on that validation.

Check if JSR Validation is mutable.


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Aidy Azizi Syahmi Ahmad Said said...

hari ni masalah sama berulang, luckily dah catit dlm blog. Solution guna cara yg sama.
mungkin field date tu berubah apabila generated by ibatis.